Brennan PAR Pass

*** Brennan Golf PAR Pass ***

What is the PAR Pass?  

  • PAR is "Play As Resident" permit offered at Brennan Golf.
  • Non-Residents who purchase the Brennan PAR Pass pay Resident Rates every day of the week!
  • The Brennan PAR Pass also allows you to enter our Resident Weekend Lottery.

How much does it Cost?

  Par Passes are sold in 3 Categories:

  • PAR Pass Adult - $200
  • PAR Pass Senior - $150
  • PAR Pass Junior - $100 

PAR Passes are purchased in the Golf Shop and good for the Calendar year.  The Brennan PAR Pass is only valid at Brennan Golf Course.

Attention All Non-Residents Golfers who frequent Brennan Golf

Brennan Golf is a very friendly atmsophere for all; and all golfers, Residents and Non-Residents, are welcome.  Non-Residents of Stamford are a very important part of the Brennan Golf Family. We offer very competitive rates for all golfers, Non-Resident Adults, Non-Resident Seniors and Non-Resident Juniors, as well.