How to Add a Credit Card to Your Online Member Profile

All Permit holders (Brennan/Sterling/PAR Pass) must have a valid credit card on your user profile in order to make online bookings & to enter the Weekend Lottery.
Follow these 7 steps to enter your credit card info and save it to your profile for future bookings/lottery requests:

  1. Click this link to get to the Login Page CLICK HERE
  2. Click on the "Login" box located above the calendar and to the right.
  3. Enter your Permit # in the first box.
  4. Enter your password in the second box.  THIS IS NOT YOUR OLD BRENNAN PROFILE PASSWORD.  First time password for Permit holders is "Golf1234".  Please take steps to change your password to a personal and secure one for future login.  However, if you have an account at Sterling associated with your Permit # already, that is the password already for your Brennan profile.
  5. Click "Login".
  6. Place your mouse on the "Profile" header located toward the top right of the screen.  A drop down menu should fall with a link to "Credit Card Information".  Click the link for "Credit Card Information".
  7. You are at the screen to enter your credit card information.  Enter information accordingly and click "Submit Information" box when you are complete.
    Once finished, you may enter the Member site for online bookings and to make lottery requests, linked here: