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Online Tee Time Booking Policies

♦  All fees are due upon arrival at the course.
♦  Prices are determined by our rate schedule.
♦  Please check in with the cashier at least 15 minutes prior to your tee time.
♦  Internet Tee Times can be booked maximum of (5) Five days out.
♦  No single player bookings unless you are joining a threesome or twosome.
♦  Twosomes should pair themselves with an existing twosome when possible.
♦  We reserve the right to pair twosomes within 30 minutes of each other to maximize play.
♦  Threesomes should be aware they may be joined by a single
♦  Maximum of two tee times to any person per day.
♦  For more times, please contact course management.

We reserve the right to cancel or modify any tee time if the above rules are not followed

Four tee times or more constitutes an outing, which requires mandatory Gas carts and needs a written contract with deposits please call (203) 977-5694, and speak with Michael Sullivan, if you have a need to book a group of four or more tee times.

Cancellation Policy:
Tee Time Reservations and/or changes to the booking must be made by phone or in person no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled tee time. If reservation or change to reservation is not cancelled by this time, the credit card holder will be responsible for all applicable posted full price fees for all players booked with the credit card being automatically charged. Cancellation or changes cannot be made on the website.